the method.

Perhaps I should explain how it is that I average two(ish) dates a week.  There is a method to the (dating) madness.  One that is most easily conveyed in bullet form:

–  My mom has feelers out all over the country (hell, maybe even the world).

  • Example: She once attended a wedding in Chicago.  Where she met oodles of Indian folk.  Among whom was an extremely nice, seemingly well-connected woman, almost as eager as my mom to play matchmaker (mind you, this woman is not a relative of the family).  She has since become my mom’s Midwest-based wing woman.
  • More generally, my mom is well versed at (subtly) informing anyone and everyone she meets that her daughter IS SINGLE.  In recent memory, she’s shared this fun fact with her personal trainer, the secretary at our family eye doctor and the bank manager at the local Bank of America branch.

–  Online dating.  I’ve done it all.

  • My mom has me on the Indian equivalent of –  She actively manages that profile and sends me daily e-mails with “matches” that meet her basic requirements.
  • A couple months ago, after non-stop pressure from my family and an inordinate amount of time spent in front of my laptop (thank you, Bar prep) I signed myself up for  So far, my own foray into online dating has resulted in two dates with one guy and several e-mail exchanges with others.
  • I’ve recently been clued in as to the existence of FREE online dating websites, the most popular of which seems to be  I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’ve heard good things (um…it’s FREE, what’s not to like).

–  Mom also encourages me to partake in what she refers to as “goal-oriented socializing.” In other words, she wants me to attend every event, conference, party, happy hour and networking event hosted by or affiliated with Indians and/or their organizational counterparts.

–  I have become a professional wedding-goer (in 2010, I attended a grand total of EIGHT weddings).  Because weddings generally involve herds of the young and eligible or, equally important, parents of the young and eligible (the latter of whom is the target audience for conversations about my status as a single, twenty-something).

–  And if all else fails, we turn to God.  My mom speaks to the big guy regularly.  My uncle is in the midst of a 40-day religious fast, in which he has committed to voluntarily foregoing carbohydrates (sounds like a variation on the Atkins diet to me) on my behalf.  I’m a little more skeptical of religion as a solution to single-dom.  But I recognize that my family’s efforts are in my best interest and love them for their unwavering dedication to my dating life.

If you’d like to add your own suggestions as to how I might meet Mr. Right, I’d love to hear from you!  =)


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