Smile and nod.  It’s what I’ve done for the better part of my twenties.  When I was younger, it meant heeding to the no-sleepover rule that my parents had arbitrarily established in what seemed like a ploy to prevent me from engaging in anything that resembled fun.  And in high school, it required me to forego the sole invitation I had to attend my senior prom.  More recently, my willingness to smile and nod has resulted in my (reluctant) participation in a match-making operation driven almost exclusively by my mother, one that has involved cross-country excursions, a significant amount of expenditure and a whole lotta crazy.

Sure, it sounds harmless.  You’re probably thinking, all mothers attempt to set their kids up on the occasional blind date.  True, but my mother (with the help of my grandmother and aunts) takes the concept of blind dating to a different level.

SO.  After years of sharing my experiences with family and friends and a failed attempt at compiling my thoughts in book form (a feat rendered impossible by the fact that I was simultaneously in the throes of law school), I’m turning to the blogosphere.  The decision was a tough one.  Mostly because it’s scary to put yourself out there, especially when matters of the heart are involved.  But I do so cautiously, with the best of intentions, and the following disclaimer:

Those that have had the privilege of meeting my mom have likely witnessed the selflessness with which she conducts herself.  She is thoughtful, generous, and all around super-duper.  She makes those around her better people.  As a result, it’s hard not to do everything possible to keep “Mom” happy.  Yes, I smile and nod.  But I do so of my own free will.  Because if smiling and nodding on this front gives my mom 1/100th of the happiness she’s given me in my twenty-some-odd years, I’ll have done my part as a daughter.

And who knows, maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll meet my very own Prince Charming…


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