20 Jul

I’m a little behind on the story telling.  Haven’t felt much like writing lately.  But if there’s one thing Nanu wanted it was to see me get married.  He would have urged me to get back out there, to continue dating, to find Mr. Right, and to blog about it all the while.  This is for my Nanu….

Should I start with the good news or the bad?

Good news, it is (because the story flows better that way)…

I met a boy that I LIKE.  He’s funny.  He’s smart.  He’s ambitious.  He adores his family.  He dresses well.  And most importantly, we click (or so I thought)!!

So what’s the bad news?

He didn’t like me.  Which is especially hard to stomach because I rarely meet guys I like.

It was a lunch date.  On Larchmont Blvd in Hancock Park.  The location couldn’t have been more perfect (you see, before up and moving to New York for law school, I lived in Hancock Park, during which time I fell madly in love with the neighborhood.  He knew this and had picked a meeting place accordingly.  Way cute if you ask me).

Coincidentally, he, too, had a deep-seated attachment to Hancock Park.  He routinely frequented the Italian restaurant (La Bottega Marino) he chose for lunch and was chummy with the owner as a result (the benefits of which we reaped in the form of complimentary appetizers and extra attention).

The food was fabulous – more bonus points.  As was the conversation.  Whereas most first dates are rife with uncomfortable conversation and obligatory formalities, this one wasn’t.  I felt immediately at ease.  We lunched for 2 ½ leisurely hours, and only bid one another adieu because he had to get to work (he’s a doctor, so weekends don’t always mean time off).

That’s when things got awkward.  He said he’d “be in touch” (what is it with these vague, non-committal parting lines), causing me to second guess our seemingly perfect connection.

I was certain that I liked him, but I couldn’t be sure whether he felt the same way.  The uncertainty drove me to text him later that night – something about the Mavericks win (yes, that’s how far behind I am on sharing) and a question about his upcoming availability.  He responded – said he’d let me know when he was free to hang out again.

But ever since?  Nothing.

What’s a girl gotta do to catch a break (or some sort of reciprocity in love)?

I guess it’s back to the drawing board – this time, saddled with the bitter taste of rejection.

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