pictures by the pool.

29 Jun

On Monday evening, some old co-workers and I reunited at the Hotel Avalon in Beverly Hills.  We snagged one of the poolside cabanas and sipped on citrus-y spritzers (a little fizz, a little kick and a lot refreshing).

Picture perfect, right?  So we decided to snap a few pictures of our own.  And because the instant gratification of digital photography makes it immediately possible to review pictures, one of my favorite old coworkers busied herself analyzing the shots we had snapped.

After zooming in on each of our faces, old coworker whispered in my ear: “You look fabulous in this picture.  Why don’t we get some single shots of you by the pool.  You know…so your mom has more to work with.”  I could picture my Mom grinning from ear-to-ear with an ‘I told you so’ look in her eyes upon learning that other, non-maternal figures in my life were equally interested in setting me up.

And so, I have a few more gratuitous solo shots to add to my collection.  Poolside.  Because that’s totally natural.  =)

old co-workers & i poolside at the hotel avalon.


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