too cool for school.

23 Jun

My most recent date was a long time coming.  We had first been (electronically) introduced to one another over a year ago.  He was a family friend’s brother-in-law and came highly recommended as “driven,” “quirky,” and “always ready to have a good time” (because all Indian set-ups are accompanied by a background check and at least three references).  Driven is hot.  Quirky is adorable.  And always ready to have a good time is right up my ally.

Our first couple e-mails were promising – we discussed everything from politics to athletic allegiances.  But sometime last year – in the midst of law school graduation, two family weddings, and Bar exam prep – we lost touch.  Totally my fault.

We reconnected with an e-mail from me to him, appropriately prefaced with, “I’m an asshole.”  He was nice enough to respond, and we have since graduated to talking on the phone and texting.  When he told me he’d be in California for a few days (to visit family), I was pumped.

When I asked if he’d be interested in meeting up, I was expecting a resounding YES (presumptuous perhaps, but after more than a year of e-mailing, texting and phoning, c’mooooooon).  Instead, he came back with – “let me let you know.”

I get it…he was only in California for a few days and he had a lot of people to meet and a lot of plans to carry out.  That said, I’m a proponent of making time for the people and things that matter, so his response was slightly off-putting.

He managed to squeeze me in – for breakfast (lucky me).  Where I discovered that in addition to being driven, quirky, and always ready to have a good time, my date was too-cool-for-school (or, at the very least, too cool for me).

It was all the little things – which, on their own may have gone unnoticed, but dished out all at once, were glaringly obvious.  Like the outfit he showed up in – a men’s undershirt and bright orange shorts (bright and orange are cool; undergarments worn as anything other than undergarments on a date, less cool).  Like the way he slouched in his chair while directing all conversation toward passersby on the sidewalk as if he didn’t give a damn about me or anything else.  Like the things he talked about (himself, himself and…himself).  Like the way he left things (cool, soooo, I’ll give you a ring).

I guess we’ll see…if he really does “give me a ring.”  But if first dates are about putting your best foot forward and impressing whomever it is you’re courting, ‘Driven-Quirky-and-Always-ready-to-have-a-good-time’ failed.  Miserably.

unfortunately, my undershirt-wearing date did not make his undershirt look as good as the model pictured above. because if he had, i might not have been complaining. kidding kidding. =) photo credit:


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